The growth and development of the Animal Husbandry Sector in Kerala in the last three decades are spectacular and inimitable. Livestock development has become a vital factor in the economic development of rural areas of Kerala. The State has a diverse livestock wealth. Department of Animal Husbandry in Kerala came into existence in 1956.The animal health care and livestock and poultry production are the main objectives of the department. The major activities of the department are Veterinary services and Animal Health Care, Disease Eradication Programmes, Cattle, Goat, Pig, and Poultry Development programmes, Control of Zoonotic diseases, Extension , Training programmes for Farmers and Veterinarians and Production of Biologicals.

NIC Kerala State Centre has developed software entitled Animal Husbandry Enterprise Administrative Depository (AHEAD) which consists of a suite of applications which include the following modules.

Animal Price Monitoring
Department Farms
Veterinary Hospitals
Sample Survey details
Laboratory Details
Rearing of Calves
Animal Health Monitoring
Cattle Breeding
Stock and store